Translation and proofreading services

Professional translator and proofreader

Translation: Danish - English

Proofreading: English (US/UK)

Postediting: Danish - English

Alan Frost M.Sc.

Ernst Bojesens Vej 1b st th - 2840 Holte - DK

Email: info@wordcraft.dk

Tel.: +45 3698 7513

Apart from pinpoint accuracy, the mark of a good translation is that it should never
read as a translation. For that, you need an experienced translator with native English
proficiency and an excellent command of Danish language and culture.

Background and Qualifications

A good translator needs experience, education, and an intimate knowledge of the working language pair. In particular, the target language (in this case English) must be the translator's first language. I can offer you this and more:

  • M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration (CBS)

  • English as a first language and equally proficient in British and American English

  • Over 25 years living in Copenhagen
  • Over 10 years' experience

  • Experience working with several of the largest agencies in the world

  • Specialisation in marketing, law, IT and business

Quality at Great Prices

Why pay for layers of management and corporate profits? In the end, an agency will usually assign the job to someone like me, so cut out the middle man. I offer the same stringent quality measures as top agencies at affordable prices.

  • Translation: From DKK 0.8/word

  • External proofreading (optional): +DKK 0.25/word

  • Proofreading, Danish-English: From DKK 0.25/word

    • Proofreading, English only: From DKK 0.17/word

    • Hourly rate (if applicable): DKK 350


    I specialise in marketing, law, IT and general business. However, over the years, I worked with dozens of agencies and end clients, translating a wide range of materials and a number of books, including:

    • Websites

    • Brochures

    • Presentations

    • Press releases

    • Corporate communications

    • Financial statements

    • Educational material
    • Contracts, leases & tenders

    • Legislation and regulations (including GDPR)

    • IT manuals

    • A number of books on subjects that include:
      • Internet marketing
      • Journalism
      • Oriental carpets
      • Coaching

    • And much more...

    Prices specified are minimum prices only. The specific cost of of a translation project is determined based on difficulty, document length, deadline, file format, etc. To get a quote, please email me at info@wordcraft.dk and include the text or a sample.

    • I ONLY translate into my first language, never out of it

    • I only accept texts that I am qualified to translate

    • For a small extra charge, I offer external proofreading, where the translation is double checked by a second translator

    • I use Computer Aided Translation tools as needed, e.g. SDL Studio, Wordfast, Memsource, MemoQ, etc.

    For a free, non-binding quote, please send an email to info@wordcraft.dk

    Wordcraft/Alan Frost: CVR (Bus. reg.) no.: 32 60 65 04